After a few set backs I can proclaim that I have completed my Espadrilles in the nick of time! Huzzah!

This project was more of a challenge than I had initially bargained for, but I am pleased with the results.

My initial prototype (seen below) helped me discover a few design flaws, and the key factors in making a successful knitted shoe.


1. The Sole

The most important element to a shoes design. While the soles on my original prototype worked well, I felt that second time around a “double” sole for my espadrilles would improve longevity & durability.

2. The Sides

The sides of the original prototype were far too soft and floppy to provide support for the foot. To create the stiffer sides seen on the finished design,I used a seed stitch, which is less stretchy than it’s stockinette counterpart. I also held two yarns doubled,together. One of which was a synthetic thread. This made the stitches hold tighter and closer together.

3. Colour

On the first prototype I tried to use some cotton from my stash. The idea was to get a tribal colour scheme, however the mix of mute colours, made for an ugly design! On this pair of espadrilles I went for simple, natural colour, with a hint of gold in the trim

Pictures of the finished project below. Let me know what you think!

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