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The Espadrille as mentioned previously is a classic shoe style that originates from the Pyrenees mountain region of Spain & France. It is defined by its jute rope sole, and is often made with canvas uppers.


The modern manufacture of these shoes, is often factor driven. The jute rope has become a decorative feature. The soles of the shoes will now be made from volcanized rubber, and surround by the jute roping, to provide longer lasting soles, that can be mass produced. The shoes are now made as flats, and wedges and have been approached by many big fashion designers.



There are still a few places, however where hand made espadrilles can be found, and the making process has been kindly  laid out for us to observe.

All the videos below have been taken from http://www.espadrillestore.com

ImageThe sole:

The sole is made from jute rope. The rope is wrapped around well placed pins to provide the shape, and is sewn together. The turn table allows the craft maker to create many soles quickly.

The Uppers

The uppers are canvas,  cut to shape with machinery. Once the uppers are shaped they are sewn by hand to the jute rope soles

These videos and pictures and a real insight into how I must design both my uppers (in terms of shape) and the jute rope sole.