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ImageAfter picking Feet as the first of the Head to Toe Challnege zones for the month of August, I thought long and hard about what my first “foot” project would be.

As ambitious as ever I decided to try something a little unusual. I decided to challenge myself to design an entirely knit pair of knit shoes.

Although it may sound a little ‘out there’ but it only takes a little research to see that it is actually quite an achievable goal, and one shoe in particular stands out at the best to recreate in yarn.

The espadrille is a casual, sandal like shoe originating from the Pyrenees. Known for the light colored jute rope soles, these casual creations have become a classic fashion accessory, appearing time and time again on the catwalk.Image

Although the original Espadrille is designed as a flat, fully covered shoe they now come in a variety of heel heights and both closed and open toe. 

Last month, Vogue.co,uk featured their top 10 Designer Espadrilles, stating

 ESPADRILLES have long been staples of our summer wardrobes, thanks to their easy-going appeal and breathable nature. This year however, they have been given a new lease of life, coming in metallics, pony skin and hot, hot pink – even Chanel joined the jute party for spring/summer 2013.

My Design

After doing my research I designed two unique Espadrilles, which are pictured below. After careful consideration I decided to combine the two designs, creating the closed toe shoe with the colour & patterning of the open toe design. 


My Next Step

My next step is to make the jute rope sole. I have purchased jute twine from a local garden centre and plan to build the sole up by knitting the  twine into a long i cord, which will be folded & sewn against itself in the shape of a shoe sole. 

Updates to come!