Following my last post about the Head to Toe Challenge, I have put together the official rules!

There are 5 months left until January 1st 2014. For each month I will be designating a body zone, or theme as it were to which your project must adhere. The zone of choice will be announced a few days before the start of the month.







You must complete at least one project each month (covering all 5 zones) to have successfully completed the challenge.


1 point- using a natural yarn

2 points- using handspun yarn

2 points -using hand dyed yarn

3 points- completing a project within the month in correct theme

5 points- using a unique or unusual ‘yarn’ or material

5 points- creating your own pattern

*Bonus 5 points* given to unique projects that take the theme and think outside the box. These will be awarded by competition creator.

 Finally at the end of the month the best projects will be posted on the blog & a vote will be held for our favourite project of the month. The winner of the vote will get an **extra 20 points!**

Each month a scoreboard will be posted, to see how everyone is fairing and at the end one knitter or crocheter will be crowned king or queen!


1. your project must be completed between the 1st & the 30th/31st of the month in question.

2. The project must be related to the designated body zone theme.


3. Evidence of project progress must be given through the medium of either a blog or a ravelry project.

4. Photos must be provided of each project on completion.

5. All project titles on Ravelry for this challenge must be tagged with Head to Toe Knitting Challenge & the month  e.g. “Head to Toe Knitting Challenge AUGUST – Headband”

Materials & Patterns

6. You may use ANY pattern and ANY yarn you like and knit ANY thing you can think of as long as it is within the theme of the month.

Additional guidelines:

7. Any social media eg. blog, facebook, twitter, should be tagged appropriately #headtotoeknittingchallenge and link back to the original blog or ravelry group to promote participation

8. We are using an honour system. Please be honourable crafters 🙂


Click here to join the official Ravlery group. 


The first zone will be announced this Tuesday!