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Take a look over the last 3 projects you have finished.  Are they diverse in size, shape, and purpose or do you have a basket full of mittens, scarves and hats?  Did each project take you down a path of learning to new techniques and materials, or are you floating in a sea of stockinette?

Whether a yarn addict or a casual enthusiast, it is all too easy to get stuck in a project rut. For most of the working population, it’s hard to be motivated into taking on a large, or complex challenge after a stressful day at work.

However I am determined to revive my knitting routine. Just as the beer bellied crowds head to the gym on New Year’s Day, I will be breaking bad habits & keeping my body of work healthy with “The Head to Toe Challenge”. It even sounds like a fitness boot camp.

The head to toe challenge is the task of knitting at least one thing for each body zone on the list below, before January 1st 2014, and I want to encourage all of you out there to join me.  The rules are simple. There are 5 months left of the year, and 5 designated body zones;

Head / Torso/ Hands/ Legs/ Feet

Each month you will need to complete a minimum of one project per zone. Each pattern or project will need to present a new challenge.  You can start at any zone, and work your way through in any order, but by January 1st 2014 you must have completed a project from each zone.

The challenge starts August 1stgiving you a few days to think up your first challenge.  I have designated this forum wall on Ravelry to those who want to join me. Here you can discuss & share project delights, woes and pictures.  The best project from each category from each month will be posted on the blog.

Please share this around to all your knit or crochet friends, so that we can get a good group going!