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When I was making and reviewing Lola Erhlich’s Turban from vogue knitting I wrote about the difficulty I had with putting it together. But I did manage to figure it out.

However there are still no sources out there to help others with the assembly of this piece, which is why I have drawn up a “HOW TO ASSEMBLE YOUR HAND KNIT TURBAN” chart.

*Note: These instructions tell you simply how I assembled mine. I cannot guarantee that this is the way the author intended it.

Anyway here it is! Hope this helps anyone who was looking for some help!

Here are the instructions:

1.Lay the band out around the flat crown. Put a twist in this side by flipping the band once.

2.Carefully sew the top of the band around crown. The “cut out” sections of the crown fold in to create rounded corners- like the net of a box.

3. Cross the left hand side of the band OVER the right.

4. Next loop the left hand side of the band back under the right hand piece (making a loop around right hand side of band). Sew the end of the left band to the remaining section of crown at the front of the turban.

5. Now take the right hand side of the band and loop it over the top of the left hand band. With the end of your band pointing down into the turban, adjust the length to your wish (depending on whether you have a tight or loose look in mind)

Sew the end to the front of the turban.

6. This is the end result.