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So in a bid to get the yarn mobile completed a little faster and keep you all in suspense, I have not posted some of my recent progress on the blog.

Recent updates include;

  • Covering all the frame in striped covers which took a total of 12 hours.
  • A rainbow which took 4 hours.
  • A whole host of maple leaves which took 8 hours.
  • And this little gem below. This took 5 hours.



This is a knitted and stuffed Inukshuk. For those of you that don’t know Whistler has several Inukshuks (if you have read the blog you will know we gave one a big scarf).

An Inukshuk, is a stone landmark used by the first nations of North America. It is often found in places with sparse land markings, and is used as a navigation tool or to mark a settlement.

The reason for the abundance of these in Whistler is that it was the symbol for the 2010 winter Olympics, and Whistler hosted several of the Olympic events.

We use our Inukshuk’s as a welcome.

I have been wanted to make a knitted version since last year, but never found the time. But the yarn mobile presented the perfect opportunity to make one.

I made it by knitting a number of rectangle boxes. Each was knit flat, like a net, then sewn together and stuffed. I will post a pattern to make this in the near future!

As for the project, I only have a few pieces left to knit now, so you may see the yarn  mobile on the streets of Whistler very soon!