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I worked hard on the yarn mobile over the weekend, and so I have quite a few bits to post today. I have also started attaching the work to the frame. The bike is evolving into a depiction the Whistler Eco System. I have started to place items into seasons

These are the new parts.

Second Mountain

The second mountain to go on top of the frame. I decided to make this one more pointed.  Again I used color work to show gradient.

Time Taken: 4 hours

Second mountain, made from acrylic & wool

Vine & Leaves background motif.

This section will serve as a background for the swamp lilies below. It will be part of the main frame. The stitch was taken from the Vogue stitchionary.

Time Taken: 3 hours

Leaves motif- Knit in wool in embossed vine & leaves stitch

Swamp Lilies

The first batch of many. These were fun to make. I made these on double pointed needles and then used short rows to create the shape. A nice quick knit too

Time Taken : 10 minutes per flower

Collection of Trees

The first trees. I have made two representations of fir trees and one cedar so far. All were knit free form with no pattern. I used both stockinette and moss stitch. The  brown patches I have knit serve as the ground that the tree stands on.

Time Taken:

Ground- 1 Hour , Small Fir- 1 hour, Large Fir 1 hour, Cedar 1.5 hours

This tree is a fir representation made from wool & acrylic

Cedar Tree made from cotton and acrylic yarn

Large fir from cotton and acrylic

Made from camel yarn!

You will be able to get a small preview of the work on the frame on Thursday 🙂