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Update to the yarn mobile.

This piece is a mountain.

Time Taken: 5 hours actually work , 2 hours of planning

Size: 5 in x 3.5 in

This piece uses color work rather than texture, and created a few design challenges also.

The mountain is to go on the top tube of the frame.  But as I did not want to limit the mountain to the few inches of space available on the frame itself I needed to find a way to extend it from the bar that would be as practical as possible, stable and most of all aesthetically pleasing.

Two solutions came to mind. I could either knit the mountain in two flat pieces (one for either side) or  I could knit in the round making it 3-D.

I decided that by making it 3D, the piece would have more depth and better stability.

Made from acrylic, cotton and wool

As you can see the piece does split into two tabs at the bottom. These pieces split off to allow the mountain to wrap around the top tube of the frame.

But enough writing I must get back to knitting. One mountain down, but I still have a way to go.