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My latest project is something a little different.

A combination of art and yarn bombing, the bicycle project that I’m naming the “yarn mobile”  will be made by combining scraps of yarn left over from previous projects.

The plan is to use color, texture and shape to create a motif that encapsulates the joy of Whistler life. The motif will not be constrained to simply covering the frame of the bike, but instead will be free to develop out from the frame. I will be using known patterns to create texture, but the shape and color of each piece will be knit free form. I am creating the piece so that the bike is still fully functional, as I will be using it to commute!

Here is the bike in question. Sat outside on my porch with the odds and ends yarn that I have to create the motif.

I have spent the last week creating the first sections of the bike.

This first section is grass.

Time Taken: 4 hours

I decided to use a stitch called daisy chain to created the texture to look like grass blades. I also used varying shades of green to give the piece some depth. Although it may look large in this picture this section is only 5 in x 14 in in size.

Knit in Daisy Chain stitch. combining yarn from acrylic, cotton, pure wool and mohair.

A closer look at the stitch.

The second piece is a representation of the rivers.

Time Taken: 10 hours

For this piece I used a cable stitch (woven) to show the undulating movement of the water. Again I used varying shades of blue with white tips to represent the crest of the river.

This piece is doubled so that when wrapped around frame of the bike the same pattern will be reflected either side. It is knit in a “woven cable” from acrylic, Peruvian wool and hand dyed and spun wool.

close up

I will be posting updates as I progress with the project, so stay tuned.

If you are interested in commissioning a knitted art installation or yarn bomb for your upcoming event, advertising campaign or for your personal collection please send an email to knittygrittywhistler@gmail.com.