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This Sunday, a midst the bustling sidewalks and beyond the buzzing traffic of downtown Vancouver , I found a welcome slice of serenity & sophistication at the Lace Embrace Antique Parisian Corset Exhibition.

The exhibition took place just off Granville street, at Hycroft Mansion, a beautifully ornate home, which has become well known for it’s balls & soirees over the 99 years it has stood.

Now belonging to the University Women’s club (a society that promotes “opportunities for women, in learning, leading and living”) Hycroft was a clear choice for the exhibit which was put together by Melanie Talkington, owner of  Vancouver based Corset Atelier, Lace Embrace.

Guests were invited to wear their own corsets & soiree attire to the event, and the response did not disappoint.

Ticket holders were greeted by pink lemonade, artisan chocolate & pastries and sunshine.

Passionate about her profession, Melanie has had great success with her store, and has designed many pieces for the silver screen. But long before this success Melanie began to collect antique corsets from all over the world, and today she shared her collection with us.

The main aim of this event, was to generate funding to allow Melanie to open an Antique Corset Museum.

Evening corset crica 1880. Made from red silk

Ribbon Corset circa 1900. Made entirely from ribbons, and one of my favourites

The exhibit featured a number of different corsets made from many materials including a knitted child’s corset from the 1800. This style of corset is designed for body support, rather than for fashion or shape.

Knitted Childs Corset

Melanie Talkington presents her collection

Melanie’s vision to open an antique corset museum can be achieved with help and support from all of you. Visit her website, go to her events and see her work.